What Would You Call This?

Just when a person would believe the issue over Bump Outs in Pakenham had been put to bed, along comes Pakenham Ward Councillor Denzel Ferguson stirring the pot, again!  So what is the Councillor up to you ask?  It appears the good Councillor has done an end run around the other members of Mississippi Mills Council by going directly to Lanark County Council to seek County approval to BAN PARKING on the south side of Waba Road in the village of Pakenham.  Seems County Councilors were not warm to this idea and sent him back to Mississippi Mills where it should have been introduced in the first place.  For more on this, click the link below to review the minutes of the Lanark County Public Works Committee Meeting of Oct 23, 2019: 


So why ban parking on Waba Road?  Yes it can be an issue in the summer time with people stopping for an ice cream cone at the famous Scoops ice cream stand. There already are “no parking” signs on the North side of Waba Road, which limits parking to the South side of Waba Road for Scoops patrons.  So why does this notion by Councillor Ferguson not pass the smell test?  Would it be or could it be that Councillor Ferguson has not thought this through or is there something else.

Taking on-street Parking away from Scoops, Karson’s Service Center and the apartments on the corner of County Road 29 and Waba Road, would definitely hurt those local businesses.  Is Councillor Ferguson sending a message to those businesses that were not vocal enough to support his flawed Bump Outs on County Road 29.

One has to remember that Councillor Ferguson was the lone vote of dissention by refusing to vote to spend $ 17,000.00 on crossing guards to protect school kids crossing Paterson Street in Almonte after the dismissal of his Bump Outs in Pakenham.  If Councillor Ferguson is still smarting from losing the votes for Bump Outs in Pakenham, he must have not paid attention when the Mississippi Mills Roads and Public Works Advisory Committee concluded that Pakenham Bump Outs placed pedestrians at risk of injury or death.

In a democracy we the people should have a say, not just the views of one person in power at the table.  Councillor Ferguson will have an opportunity to explain his actions at the next Council meeting on Tuesday November 19, 2019.


Bill Duncan

Pakenham Resident

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