Summer Update from the PRATAC Executive

Hello PRATAC Members,

The PRATAC Executive hopes you have been having a great summer and extends its best wishes to you for the up-coming fall season.

We are currently updating the PRATAC email list as we have received comments from some members indicating that they have not been receiving our postings.  Please contact a member of the PRATAC Executive and let them know of anyone that you may know of who should be getting our emails and is not receiving them!  We are continuing to post our reports on Facebook as well as our website and hope to make some improvements to both in the Fall.  Your suggestions for improvements are welcome.  The PRATAC Executive believes that communications with our members is our most important priority.

There was a lull in council meetings over the summer break.  Council meetings have started up again and PRATAC has restarted the practice of posting emails to its members about important issues prior to each Council meeting.  A member of PRATAC will then endeavor to attend each Council meeting and report back to its members on significant issues via email, Facebook and our website. 

An important goal of our executive is to establish productive relationships with members of Town Council and Town Staff.  To this end, we have arranged for members of the PRATAC exec to meet with Ken Kelly, the new CAO in early September.

PRATAC again won the Almonte General Hospital paddle race.  Over $10,000 was raised for the hospital and a huge debt of gratitude goes out to Brian Gallagher for raising in excess of $1,000 for the PRATAC Team! Thanks to all who supported us!

An issue currently being followed by PRATAC is the downtown redevelopment/downtown beautification plan.  As we have said previously, PRATAC finds it completely unacceptable that there has been no disclosure of the projected costs nor are there plans for further public consultation—-a matter we will raise with Mr. Kelly.

PRATAC is concerned about the poor appearance of Almonte sidewalks and curbs which are overgrown with weeds.  The sidewalks themselves have been painted orange to identify cracks but there seems to have been no attention paid to undertaking repairs.

Parts of Gemmill Park that used to be cared for have been ignored and more alarmingly, there is a big crop of dangerous wild parsnip there. We have raised this issue in the past and will bring it up again with Mr. Kelly.

We are also following town finances and have questions about some large unexplained expenditures in 2018.  Also, the state of the Town’s total debt and reserves remains unclear.  This is even more of concerning given this week’s announcement by the Ford Government of reductions in municipal funding.

We are continuing to follow the Paterson Street crosswalk fiasco and will report to our members on developments as they occur.

There will be a public meeting at the Stewart Community Centre in Pakenham on September 9th to review traffic safety measures on the main thoroughfare.  The “bump-outs” issue has not disappeared despite Councils recent decision to vote the “bump-outs” down. PRATAC is gearing up to make sure that Pakenham and Ramsay residents are aware of the meeting and will have the opportunity to air their views.


The PRATAC Executive