PWAC Advisory Committee Report


The Public Works Advisory Committee (PWAC) meeting was attended by Town staff (Guy Bourgon, Director of Public Works), Councillor Ferguson and Deputy Mayor Minnille

The Committee Chairman, Larry O’Keefe, started the meeting by asking each of the members to individually give their names accompanied by a short bio.  The Chairman said he wanted to do this so that everyone would    understand the variety and wealth of experience that was available as an important resource for Council. It was clear that the Chairman’s vision was that the Committee was not to be a “rubber stamp” but to provide meaningful input for Council decisions.

The agenda for the meeting agreed in advance was a discussion of the Pakenham “Bump-Outs”

The Committee made a presentation that agreed that traffic calming measures in Pakenham were long overdue and that pedestrian crosswalks were seen as a priority by community groups consulted.  The Committee fundamentally objected to building bump outs in conjunction with crosswalks.  A number of concerns with respect to the bump outs were tabled: 1) Trucks transporting gas, agriculture equipment and goods cannot guarantee they will stay within the allowable turning radii (the bump out design has even incorporated a mountable curb to allow for this); 2) Pedestrians will have a false sense of security while standing on a Bump Out considering a turning truck’s limited visibility; 3) size of agricultural equipment is growing; 4) traffic is year round and there are additional challenges with respect to winter maintenance; and 5) there is a potential liability to the County and Town if infrastructure doesn’t meet code.

Following discussion of the presentation, the Committee made the following final recommendation that other measures rather than the proposed bump outs be used to calm Pakenham traffic

The PWAC recommends that Council approves the Traffic Calming measures and pedestrian cross walk configurations as out lined in Pakenham Pedestrian Crossing presentation:

  • Pakenham Pedestrian Cross Walks will be constructed for full lane widths on County Road 29.
  • Pedestrian Cross Walk designs will be in accordance with details from Book 15 Type B PXO  configuration.
  • Additional flashing light to be installed on pedestrian crossing sign on signal arms extending over  driving lanes.
  • Timing sequence for pedestrian crossing signal should be set to accommodate children and older adult requirements.
  • Sidewalks approaches to Cross Walk should be reconstructed to ensure compliance with
    Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Complete with tactical Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI).
  • Install automated radar speed signs at the north and south entrances to the Village of Pakenham
  • Implementation of Safety Zone designation for County Road 29 extending from OVRT overpass to 5-Span Bridge

The above motion was passed unanimously by the Committee and will go to the full Council on May 21st as a recommendation. The final two items (Bold and in italics) were passed as a separate motion for Council to seek the required approval from the County of Lanark.

Mr. Bourgon asked the recording secretary to note that staff was not in favour of these recommendations.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 27th at 3:30pm in the Council Chambers.