PWAC Advisory Committee Report

Report To PRATAC Executive – PWAC Committee

May 27/19 – Council Chambers 3:30 to 4:15 pm.

Mr. Larry O’Keefe, Committee Chairperson, opened the meeting and addressed the need for “trust” and “respect” amongst committee members.  In Mr. O’Keefe’s view, trust is earned and respect is bestowed.  He is confident that trust will prevail in the long term while respect for each Committee member shall be maintained.

Mr. Rick Minnelli, Deputy Mayor, apologized to the members of the Committee for his transgressions during the previous Committee meeting.

Mr. Guy Gourgon, the Town Engineer, was not present.  No explanation for his absence was provided.

Larry O’Keefe requested that the minutes of the last Committee Meeting be amended in order to exclude comments that were included in the text of the minutes.  The minutes are to include decisions and/or motions only.  Larry is concerned that the minutes as drafted, included comments added by Town Staff after the conclusion of the previous meeting.  Such comments were clearly not part of the meeting and did not reflect the intent of the full Committee. In their opinion, comments were skewed to exclude comments from the volunteers’ presentation, A motion was made and carried in order to delete such comments.

A discussion ensued regarding the roles and responsibilities of the Committee as there appears to be some confusion in this regard.  It was decided that the Committee would postpone its up-coming presentation with regard to the Paterson Street issue until the Committee members have had an opportunity to meet with: 1) the new CAO,  2) the new Integrity Commissioner and  3) had completed their municipal affairs training.  The intent is to avoid future procedural pitfalls such as those encountered during the last two Committee meetings.

The meeting was adjourned and the next Committee meeting is scheduled for June 24/19 at which time it is anticipated that the Committee will be in a position to properly deal with the Paterson St. issue.