President’s & Vice President’s Address for the New Year

PRATAC has been criticized and berated by some for bringing in an era of division to this community. However, the results of the recent Municipal election proved otherwise. We, the citizens of Mississippi Mills, have a right to speak and Council has an obligation to listen. It is still “The Friendly Town”. But we have to get back to thinking about each other. We must realize that when we restrict the freedoms of others, we also limit our own freedoms.

Over the course of the past three years, our pleas for explanations and our requests for input into Council’s proposed actions regarding significant issues fell on deaf ears. For example; the Heritage Conservation District in Almonte; the Don Maynard Park issue; the Twelfth Line Bridge in Pakenham; the Seventh Line Bridge in Ramsay; the Community Official Plan; and, the introduction of bicycle lanes in Almonte  were but a few of the frustrating issues that created a swell of discontent throughout the three wards.

The need for change was recognized by the majority of the ratepayers. To all of you who worked so diligently to see this through, thank you and in particular, thank you getting out to vote. Now the difficult part begins. We must support this Council by participating on committees or boards and on assisting in research. Above all, every effort must be made to remain positive. Getting into bizarre exchanges on Facebook, serves no purpose but to antagonize and perpetuate the argument. Remember, it is not necessary to attend every argument to which you are invited.

Let us say hello to our neighbours regardless of their beliefs.  To all of you,






Brian Gallagher & Gerry Belisle