PRATAC Presents: “Just the Facts” the proposed Mississippi Mills 2020 Budget.

As a taxpayer do you know where your precious tax dollars are going?

It may not be where you think!

Almost 10% of your tax bill goes to service long term debt. 

Long term debt will increase from $16,834,699 in 2018 to $24,781,313.00, an increase of $7,946,614 by the year 2020, the equivalent of a whopping 47%!

The projected cost to service this debt is $2,208,931.00 an increase of 31% over 2018.

The projected Property tax increase will need to be 13% to cover the $1,331,349.00 shortfall.

A call for action:

  1. PRATAC encourages its members to visit the Mississippi Mills website and review the proposed budget.  Click on the following link


  • Call the Mayor and Councillors and demand that the Finance and Policy Advisory Committee be consulted in order to take a sober second look at the proposed budget,


  • Demand a ZERO percent tax increase by emailing the CAO, Mayor and Councilors at:
  1. Ken Kelly, CAO

  • Christa Lowry, Mayor

  • Rick Minnille, Deputy Mayor

  • John Dalgity, Councillor

  • Jan Maydan, Councillor

  • Bev Holmes, Councillor

  • Cynthia Guerard, Councillor

  • Denzil Ferguson, Councillor

Now is the time to speak up, before the November 21st

Budget Meeting!

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