PRATAC Members Meeting Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018

The election of 2018 exceeded our wildest expectations. It would appear that the resident’s dissatisfaction with the past Council was obvious and that the people have spoken.

Congratulations to all newly elected members of Council who worked so diligently and deserve the success that they have achieved. Many thanks to everyone, for their unflinching support and for getting out to vote.

There are still issues in Mississippi Mills, which concern its residents. It was encouraging that the successful candidates all promised to listen and work with the electorate. They now deserve our support. We have a duty not to be silent, but to continue to voice our concerns on major issues. There are Municipal boards and committees that will require interested volunteers, as well as new issues that will need our attention.

In order for PRATAC to be effective it must have your continuing support.


Royal Canadian Legion in Almonte 

100 Bridge St.

(This meeting will begin at 7:30 because the final meeting of the present Council will be at 6:00 pm and many wish to attend.)

 Your attendance at our meeting is important.

Please send comments or suggestions about what you would like to see dealt with at this meeting (

Thank you for past support and best wishes.

Your Executive Board:

Brian Gallagher, President                   Gerry Belisle, Vice President

Colleen Colterman, Secretary              ED Wilson, Treasurer

Kevin Guerard, Ramsay Ward             Ron Burgess, Pakenham Ward

and we welcome to our PRATAC Executive

John Fulton, Almonte Ward.

See you all Tuesday evening!