PRATAC Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct is a public declaration of the principles of good conduct and ethics (standards of behavior) “that we, the Board of Directors (BoD) and Members PRATAC have decided the community could reasonably expect of us. As members of PRATAC we will bring our interests and concerns to the Municipal Council of Mississippi Mills in a fair, impartial, transparent and professional manner.

Interpersonal Behaviour of Members of PRATAC 

The members of PRATAC agree to treat every person with dignity, understanding and respect Members of PRATAC shall abide by the provisions of the Human Rights Code and, in doing so, shall treat every person including other members of PRATAC, Members of Council, its Committees, Boards, employees, and the public with dignity and understanding in an environment that is safe and free from harassment and discrimination.


While the classification of information as “confidential” is a matter of discretion, disclosure of information deemed Confidential by (BoD) may constitute a breach of the Code of Conduct.

Standard of Conduct

Members of PRATAC  shall, at all times, seek to advance the common good of our community and act in the best interest of the community and in such a way that the credibility and integrity of PRATAC is not compromised;

Conduct respecting staff

Members shall be respectful of the role of municipal staff in the carrying out of their duties.

Breach of Code

Any member of PRATAC in contravention of the PRATAC Code of Conduct may have their membership in PRACTAC revoked, at the discretion of the board. In the event of a member’s revocation the member’s membership fee shall be returned.