Notice of a Special Council Meeting Concerning the Almonte Downtown Revitalization at 10 am Thursday, September 26 in the Council Chambers

A Special Council Meeting at Town Hall has been scheduled in order that Council can provide direction to Town Staff on the final design of the Almonte Downtown Revitalization Project.

The Almonte Downtown Revitalization Project will be a major undertaking for the Town and residents will incur great inconvenience during its implementation.  Costs could exceed $20,000,000 and some residents are of the opinion that the Town’s overall debt could more than double unless major changes are made to reduce the overall scope of the Project.

The Revitalization Project is necessary since the downtown underground infrastructure consisting of vitrified clay sanitary sewers and cast-iron water piping has outlived its useful life and requires replacement.

Currently, the plans are 60% complete and Town Council will need to recommend changes and provide clear direction to Town Staff in order that the drawings can be 90% finalized and eventually completed.

PRATAC encourages residents to attend the Special Council Meeting and become informed  in order that they can make their views known to members of Council.

To learn more about the proposed design, we recommend you visit the following link: