MMM Council Meeting Report

Council Meeting May 07, 2019 – COUNCIL CHAMBERS

All in attendance with the exception of the Mayor. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Mayor, Minnille.


Marilyn Bird, Executive Director of Lanark Transportation Re: Pilot Project in Mississippi Mills gave an overview of the pilot project of services provided by Lanark Transportation. Very low-cost transportation throughout the County for any kind of appointment or for shopping. Call Lanark County Support.

Deputy Mayor Minnille made a presentation to Carter Reid of Holy Name of Mary School as a result of his exemplary Acts of Service to the community– Bravo Award

Scott Newton, General Manager of Mississippi River Power Corporation and Paul Virgin President of MRPC, gave an update of MRPC activities since incorporation. Their outline covered everything from power generated, payments to the shareholder (the Municipality) as well as problems and projects they have been involved in since their inception.


  • Approval of the Financial Report to March 31, 2019
  • The resignation of Allan Goddard from the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee was accepted with regret
  • Council proclaimed that National Access Awareness Week would be from May 26- June 1, 2019 in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of equal access and full participation of persons with disabilities.

Zoning By-law Amendment – Drummond, 487 Townline Road West, Ramsay

Zoning By-law Amendment – Davies, 250 Comba Lane, Pakenham  

Council approved this zoning amendment to allow to permit the following uses in addition to those permitted in the Rural Zone: “Winery”; “Micro- brewery” and “Dairy”;

Zoning By-law Amendment – Henry, 555 Country St, Ramsay

Council approved Zoning By-law Amendment Z-04-19 to permit the construction of a single detached dwelling in accordance with the provisions of the Residential First Density (R1) Zone.

Zoning By-law Amendment – Mount Pakenham, Part Lot 14 Conc. 8 Pakenham

Council approved Zoning By-law Amendment Z-03-19 to change the zoning on Bylaw 11-83 to allow construction of a single-family dwelling.

Mill Run Phase 4A, Almonte

Council authorized the Mayor and Clerk to enter into a Subdivision Agreement for the Mill Run Subdivision Phase 4A, as the draft conditions have been satisfied.

Apple street, Appleton

Council authorized the Mayor and Clerk to execute a Use of Municipal Road Allowance Agreement with Mr. Robinson respecting the use of the unopened road allowance known as Apple Street in the Village of Appleton (Ramsay Ward).

Heritage Application to Alter – 79 Little Bridge Street – The Barley Mow

Council approved the alteration of the property known as The Barley Mow in accordance with Section 33 of the Ontario Heritage Act to permit the construction of a single-storey wood frame, lean-to finished in vertical wooden cladding on the southwestern facade wall of the original building.

Heritage Conservation District – 2 Year Program Review and Pages 147-158 Assessment

That Council amend By-law 16-61 to approve modifications to the Heritage Conservation District Plan prepared by Watson MacEwen Teramura Architects, and revised June 2016”;

And that Council to distinguish the following provisions of the plan:

  1. Section 5.3.1 (Major Permits) shall only be required for contributing and vacant properties specifically
  2. That new commercial signage and awnings shall be considered via Section 5.3.2 (Minor Permits)
  3. That any substantial work on a non-contributing property may be considered via Section 5.3.2 (Minor Permits)
  4. That the following work be exempt from permitting requirements in accordance with Section 5.2: extending or erecting fences, extending or new parking lots, planting or removal of trees on the public right- new or alterations to hard landscape features, garden walls, decorative fencing and surfaced pathways visible from the street or the river.

And that Council amend the Delegated Authority By-law to authorize staff to review and approve Heritage Grant applications, in accordance with standardized review criteria and report mechanisms, with a final right of appeal to Council.

Award of RFP for Municipal Legal Services

Council awarded the Request for Proposal for the provision of Municipal Legal Services to Cunningham, Swan, Carty, Little & Bonham LLP of Kingston as Bell-Baker of Ottawa is no longer able to supply these services.

Change in Operational Hours for Childcare Programs

Council approved a change in the daily operational hours of municipal childcare programs to 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. effective July 1, 2019.

Council approved the revised Seasonal Stand By-law as presented and repealed By- law 15-110.

Mobile Canteen Licence                                      $750.00                                              Transfer                                                                     $50.00

Refreshment carts fees removed

Seasonal stands                                 $750.00                                                       Transfer                                                            $50.00

Seasonal Produce/farm Produce stand                $300.00                                       Additional Licence                                     $50.00

Transfer                                              $50.00

Strategic Planning Options

Council authorized proceeding with the development of a strategic plan.


o Mayor’s Report – none

o County Councillors’ Report

o Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority Report. Their funding from the provincial government has been substantially reduced so they are going to have to review the extent of their operations.


The new Chief Administrative Officer will be Ken Kelly. With 20 years of municipal government experience, Kelly, who is also a chartered professional accountant, has served as CAO for the Eastern Regional Service Board in St. John’s, NL since August 2011. He also spent four years with the City of Ottawa’s public works and services department and was previously president of UVH Group, a management consulting firm.


A request has been made to the Disaster Relief Assistance for Ontarians Program.  A representative visited Mississippi Mills and Council is waiting on their reply.

Council authorized the Mayor and Clerk to enter into a Subordination and Postponement Agreement for ORPC to obtain financing from Infrastructure Ontario to construct a new substation in order to meet forecasted load growth. The new substation will be built in the Industrial Park on Industrial Drive.

National Nursing Week (May 6-12, 2019)

The week of May 6-12, 2019 was proclaimed as National Nursing Week. Council encourages recognition of the many services provided by dedicated nurses and the tremendous contribution they make to the health and well-being of our community every day.

Public Works Week (May 19-25, 2019)

The week of May 19–25, 2019 was proclaimed as National Public Works Week. Council urges residents to pay tribute to our public works professionals, engineers, managers and employees and to recognize the substantial contributions they make to protecting our national health, safety, and quality of life.

Petition Policy–Councillor Maydan

That Council direct Staff to review the Municipal Petition Policy to include provisions regarding opposition to minor local improvements.

Items for the Finance and Policy Committee-Councillor Maydan

Resolution that Council identify general priorities for review and recommendation of the Finance and Policy Advisory Committee.

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