MM Council Meeting Tuesday Aug. 13

Hello Members

Tomorrow is the first council meeting after their summer break.  It is important that we all support our new council and the Public Works Committee!
The Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at the Mississippi Mills Municipal Office located at 3131 Old Perth Road, Almonte. 

Here are some highlight notes from the agenda:
( link to the MM Council meeting and  the 281 page agenda:

  • Steve Maynard, Lanark Legal Services re: presentation encouraging the town to provide more affordable housing.
  • Tammy Kealey-Donaldson, Children’s Services Manager re: demands for child care.

Notice of public Zoning Amendments

  • Hartlin, 3360 Country Road &
  • Threader, 154 McManus Road.

Committee of the Whole 
Consent items:

  • Resignation of Clerk Shana Stone and appointment of acting Clerk Jeanne Harfield. 
  • Petition – Speed Reduction Golden Line Road (Petitioner to address Council)

 Minutes of Committee meetings

  • Heritage – Alterations to the exterior of 7 Mill St. 14” chimney up the side of the building, operable garage door on the north facade of the building. Heritage Committee – no issues or concerns with the project.
  • Public Works – The option of a Community Safety Zone on Paterson St. and the changing of the location of the crosswalk which some consider was put in the wrong location originally. There could be some serious discussion on this issue with letters from all of the involved schools.


  • Video Surveillance Policy – Recommendation – Council to approve the policy for the use and management of video surveillance equipment at municipal facilities. This is strictly for the surveillance of buildings and equipment but has nothing to do with the promised recording of Council meetings.
  • Building and Planning –
    • Site control plan for proposed new duplex on East side of the former Kerry funeral Home on Elgin St. Site control plan for proposed new duplex on the West of the former Kerry funeral Home on Elgin St.
    • Rogers Telecommunication Tower – Water St. Proposal concerning a development agreement between the Town and Rogers for a Telecommunications Tower to be placed in the South East side of the NLAS Grounds at the fence between the office and the newer red barn.
    • Consent Application Authorization – Proposal for two severances from 38 St Andrews St.

 We hope to see you at the meeting!!