Mission Statement

The Mission of the Pakenham, Ramsay & Almonte Taxpayers’ Action Committee hereinafter referred to as PRATAC is to establish and maintain an effective and informed taxpayers’ action committee in Pakenham, Ramsay and Almonte Wards whose purpose is to act as an advocacy group for all taxpayers.


  1. Create a non-partisan advocacy group that will defend the interests of all taxpayer categories as well as those who espouse the Taxpayers’ Action Committee Mission Statement.
  2. Strive to influence public policies and request remedial action when such policies are deemed to adversely impact the taxpayers of Pakenham, Ramsay & Almonte Wards.
  3. Channel concerns about tax increases, inefficient government spending and lack of accountability into positive outcomes.
  4. Ensure decisions by municipal government are made with transparency and stakeholder/taxpayer consultation.
  5. Proactively defend the interests of local taxpayers who are being “blindsided” by the decisions of municipal government.
  6. Build positive relationships with municipal staff and politicians in order to permit open and candid discussions about issues affecting local taxpayers.

Objectives of the Working Group:

  1. Establish the mission statement, Goals and Objectives of PRATAC.
  2. Draft a Constitution for PRATAC. The Draft Constitution shall allow for the receipt and acceptance of all funds by gift(s) from membership fees, bequests or otherwise which funds shall be used to defray the operating and administration costs incurred by PRATAC.
  3. Convene a public meeting during the month of September 2016 when the Interim Chairman of the Working Group will present the Draft Constitution to the attendees.
  4. The Interim Chair will then make clear to the attendees, the following expectations of the new Executive:
    1. As soon as possible the new Treasurer will open a bank account in PRATAC’s name and begin to maintain a financial ledger in which all receivables and expenditures will be recorded.
    2. Following the election, the new Secretary will commence immediately to take the minutes of the balance of the general meeting and all subsequent Executive meetings.
    3. As soon as possible, the Executive will immediately establish a Membership Committee to actively enroll members from all three wards in Mississippi Mills at an initial enrollment fee of $10.
    4. The Executive will issue at a minimum, monthly press releases to PRATAC membership.
    5. The Executive will develop and present to the membership, a suggested maximum Property Tax Cap prior to the next municipal election.
  1. The Interim Chairman will then:
    1. Call for nominations from the floor for the election of an Executive who will serve for an initial term of 2 years and be comprised of the following offices:
      1. President/Spokesperson
      2. Vice President
      3. Secretary
      4. Treasurer
      5. Media
      6. Specialist and
      7. A maximum of 3 Directors, one from each Ward.
    2. Allow each nominee, 3 minutes to speak in order to introduce him/herself to meeting attendees.
    3. Conduct the election of the Executive.
  1. The Interim Chair will then turn the general meeting over to the new Executive.