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Pakenham, Ramsay & Almonte Taxpayers’ Action Committee

What is this?

The Mission of the Pakenham, Ramsay & Almonte Taxpayers’ Action Committee hereinafter referred to as PRATAC is to establish and maintain an effective and informed taxpayers’ action committee in Pakenham, Ramsay and Almonte Wards whose purpose is to act as an advocacy group for all taxpayers.

Why do we need this?

Forming this type of committee of concerned taxpayers within a community is the first step towards productively channeling concerns about taxes, government spending and a lack of accountability into positive outcomes.

This is a grassroots movement to form a group, elected by members that will represent interests of all categories of taxpayer; residential, business and industrial.

Who is leading this?

There is currently a small working group appointed by concerned citizens laying out a roadmap for this committee. Going forward, a Board of Directors will be elected by members based on nominations put forward at the first general meeting, which will be held in September.

Where can I get more information?

Our website is evolving but it will provide additional information on our goals and objectives. You also have the ability to submit questions through this site to

How do I get involved?

Membership Registration is open, the working group is actively recruiting members now!

The Membership will be open to all residents, property and business owners over the age of 18.

Each member in good standing will have the right to nominate and vote to elect members of the Board as outlined in the Constitution.

Regular Membership & Renewal
Please complete the membership application (also located on the menu), cost of the annual membership is $10 per person, payment can be paid online via PayPal or Credit Card.
View PayPal Help for a screen shot.
Completing your form online also creates a user account for you on the PRATAC website where you can participate in comments and discussions as well as access members only areas of the website.

Family Membership
If a member of your household is currently a PRATAC Member, other family members living in the same household and of voting age or older can obtain at PRATAC Membership at no cost by completing the Family Membership application for each individual.

Associated Membership
If you reside outside of Mississippi Mills but wish to be a involved with PRATAC and receive correspondence , you may do so as a non-voting Associated Member. Complete the membership application and choose Associated Members where applicable.

If you prefer to pay offline, please download the PRATAC Membership, print it and complete the form. You can mail your form to PRATAC  P.O. Box 59, Almonte, Ontario, K0A 1A0, also… there will be more local businesses where you will be able to pick up and drop-off your membership forms,
currently those businesses are:
Carsen Wings (formerly John Barr’s) – Pakenham
My Upholstery Shop – 56 Mill St. Almonte,
Levi Home Hardware
& the Almonte Legion.
…more to follow.

If you have completed your membership form and payment offline but wish to create a user account on the PRATAC website. Please complete the following Current Member form to create your site account.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions or issues concerning membership.

Remember to check the website regularly for information on memberships and the first general meeting.

People will support what they help to create!