March 15 PRATAC Voting Meeting with Special Guest

This is your Personal Invitation to Attend a Voting Meeting for PRATAC Members on March 15.

PRATAC is your Association and the Board of Directors is responsible to you! They welcome your guidance; this is a grass-roots coalition and your elected representatives would like you to vote on motions that will govern PRATAC’s future direction.

This is a very important meeting and the Directors need to hear from you in order to assist in protecting your private property from the proposed Official Plan. If you own a home in Almonte, Pakenham, Clayton or Appleton you need to be very aware of the Official Plan and its consequences to home ownership even in a built-up area. If you live in the rural areas, Council has voted to adopt Option 2 of the Natural Heritage System which is still very restrictive. How will this affect you?  Additional concerns are the Heritage designations on privately owned older homes, farms and now public roads! The Board of Directors want to share the membership’s accomplishments with everyone and to inform you about the progress made as we all worked together, standing up to this municipal government’s intrusion into our private lives.

Come, be informed and share your concerns!

Mark on your calendar MARCH 15th

This special event will be at the Almonte Civitan Hall,

500 Almonte Street, Almonte.

Meeting starts at 7 pm. SHARP! 

Refreshments available.

For more information call 613-292-9596 or visit

Michael S. Polowin will be our special quest, a renowned lawyer specializing in municipal law; Mr. Polowin is a senior lawyer with Gowlings Law firm in Ottawa. He is the author of a Paper entitled “Official, But Illegal: are official plans being used in a manner that is a “Bridge too far?”  Mr. Polowin HAS AGREED to answer your questions and GIVE legal opinions on the legality of certain conditions being imposed by this municipal Official Plan, citing precedent-setting court cases that show where municipal governments are overstepping their boundaries under the disguise of the word “OFFICIAL” and the term “as mandated by the Provincial Government.”

This meeting is open to PRATAC Members Only!

Misplaced your membership Card? No problem!

Come early and we will fix you up with a new card.

Not a member? Come early to join or to renew your membership.

Registration starts at 6 pm – see you there!

Congratulations for getting involved and working together in making yourself heard by Mississippi Mills Council; in protecting your home, property and businesses from an over-reaching and intrusive local government, as it attempts to introduce its “New” Official Plan.

Success has been accomplished when you followed Municipal protocol, you attended the Municipal meetings, you registered your name with the Municipality, and you demanded answers to your questions in writing from the Municipality, you and you alone have kept the door open to appeal any council’s decision to the Ontario Municipal Board, congratulations.

No implied consent in this community! You have spoken loud and clear! You have not remained silent! You do not want this Official Plan as presently proposed with its far-reaching restrictions or its Natural Heritage System over and above the provincial requirements.

$40,000 worth of time “donated” to Council by a non-elected group called the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists to work with the Municipal Planner without the public’s knowledge.

483 Cease and Decease Orders signed and hand delivered to the Municipal Office of Mississippi Mills on the Old Perth road, Almonte.

278 requests for one-on-one personal consultations with JL Richards’ Mark Rivet. Only a fraction of us got the chance to make appointments and the rest were turned away.

1326 Hours spent by PRATAC Board Members and volunteers opposing this Official Plan.

1008 people attended PRATAC-sponsored meetings in Pakenham, Clayton and Almonte which is a record breaking turnout in our municipality.

1286 requests for more information from PRATAC by concerned citizens about the Official Plan and its effects on property ownership.

1 is the number of public meetings held to date by Mississippi Mills on the Official Plan!

0 is the number of times Council referenced the word Private Property in the Official Plan!

0 is the response by Mississippi Mills to hundreds of questions sent in by mail and email!

PRATAC is going to respectfully request from you financial support for our Association with a cash donation  to help cover the costs of hosting this “Special” information meeting as well as absorbing the cost of a very reputable and renowned Lawyer.