Highlights of the Nov 17th Council Meeting Agenda:

More Staff:  The CAO’s report is included in the Meeting Agenda and indicates that three new staff members have been hired by the Town.  A Water Operator, a Recreation and Culture Administrative Assistant and a Facilities/Health and Safety Coordinator have been hired.  It is not clear if these are newly created positions.

More OVRT:  Councillor Holmes has introduced a motion acknowledging that the OVRT as a multi-use trail  is an economic driver for the Municipality which has seen more All Terrain Vehicles passing through Mississippi Mills.  Her motion directs staff to bring forward options for Council to determine if the roadway restrictions regarding the use of ATV’s are appropriate in consideration of the recently opened OVRT.

Residents and PRATAC members should contact the Mayor and Councillors and make their views known on this very important subject.

Planning for Growth:  Ms. Niki Dwyer the Town Planner will be presenting a report on the subject of “Planning for Growth” in Mississippi Mills.  PRATAC members are urged to visit the Town’s website to review her report and attend the up-coming Council Meeting to learn more about this very important subject.

CAO’s Report:  Ken Kelly the Mississippi Mills CAO has included a very complete report summarizing Town Staff’s current Q3 and Q4 initiatives.  It is an easy read as the CAO has presented his report in table form.  PRATAC members are urged to review his summary which addresses the status of various subjects including the:

Procedural By-Law,

Town’s website up-grade,

Strategic Plan,

Phase 3 of the Business Park,

Downtown Infrastructural Renewal Plan,

Pakenham Crosswalks,

Volunteer Policy,

By-Law Review,

Pakenham Secondary Growth Plan,

Affordable Housing,

Parking Assessment,

Director of Planning Delegated Authority,

Filming Policy,

Signage Policy,

Almonte Old Town Hall Exterior Painting,

Mill Run Park, and

Daycare Expansion at Holy Name of Mary School.

Q3 Building Report:  This report is included in the Council Meeting Agenda and summarizes total building activity by ward and type and provides a comparison of building activity between Q3 2019 and Q3 2018.  In addition, it also provides a summary of building activity dating back to 1998.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Report:  This very informative report is included in the Agenda and addresses issues relating to the:

Dog Park,

Adopt A Park Program,

Recreation Program Review, and

2020 Budget Recommendations.

Phase 3 of the Business Park:  The Agenda includes a recommendation from Mr. Kelly to proceed with the design of Phase 3 of the Mississippi Mills Business Park.  Mr. Kelly has provided an excellent report and PRATAC urges its members to support this initiative.  Development of Phase 3 as recommended by Mr. Kelly will have a positive impact on the commercial assessment in Mississippi Mills.

Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF):  The Ontario Provincial Government will be providing Mississippi Mills with a total OMPF Grant of $890,600.  This will have a positive impact on up-coming tax levies.

You can click on the following link to view the entire Council Meeting Agenda:


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