Following is a partial list of agenda items for the Mississippi Mills Council Meeting scheduled for 6 pm, Tuesday, October 1, 2019 in the Council Chambers:

A delegation will present its proposal for a walking school bus project.

A delegation will present its proposal for the Pakenham Community Walking Trail.

Two zoning amendments will be presented: Melville & James and Almonte Country Haven.

A proposal that the Town accept ownership of the Almonte Friendship Oven in partnership with the Neighbourhood Tomato Community Gardens.

Presentation of a report concerning a speed limit change on Golden Line Road.

A proposal to create a dog park in Riverfront Estates.

A proposal that the Town provide financial support to the Clayton Recreation Club and Union Hall Community Centre.

Three motions relating to school children safety have been put forward by Councilor John Dalgity wherein he is recommending the following:

  1. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee be directed to provide recommendations related to development of a Municipal Adopt a Park Policy as well as other additional recreation programs,
  2. Town Staff research the practical and financial feasibility of an Exclusive Pedestrian Phase program for the traffic lights located at Ottawa/Patterson and Menzie Streets and at Ottawa & Sadler/Industrial Drive, and
  3. Town Staff allocate $5,000 to hire crossing guards at the Ottawa/Patterson and Menzie Street intersection.

PRATAC recommends that its members plan to attend this very important Council Meeting in order to learn more about these various community based initiatives.


PThe PRATAC Executive