A Message from Brian and Gerry

The PRATAC Annual General Meeting was held in the Almonte Civitan Hall on Wednesday, March 27th at 7:00pm. There was an excellent turnout of people, positive in their views, indicating their belief that PRATAC should carry on.

The guest speaker was Aaron Wudrick, Federal Director with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. He was very complimentary of the work carried out by PRATAC, noting that the Canadian Taxpayers Federation had started out the same way and now has in the neighbourhood of 141,000 members. He also said that although the feeling might be that we had accomplished what we had set out to do, that being the changes in Council, we should not rest. He said that it was most important to continue, to keep the electorate informed of what is happening in the Community and to support the new Council in a positive manner, all the time keeping their feet to the fire.

There was a change in the Executive, in that President Brian Gallagher and Vice President Gerry Belisle both retired. They have been replaced by two local business men, Jim Wood as President and Trevor Drummond as Vice President. These are two fresh faces with new ambition and a wealth of ideas whom we are sure will have a positive impact on PRATAC as it moves forward. Another new person we welcome to the Executive is Laura Guthrie our new Secretary.  We also welcome back Ed, Kevin, Ron and Paul.

Our new Executive consists of:

Gerry and I would like to wish them every success in the future and would like them to know that we will always be available to kelp in any way that we can.

With our very best wishes for a successful future.

Brian Gallagher and Gerry Belisle.