On the May 1, 2018 Council Agenda

See the revised agenda here: Revised Agenda May 1 2018 Council

More Bike Lanes and Routes Coming

Danielle Shewfelt and Jeff Mills of the Bicycle Committee (calling themselves the “Active Transportation Committee”) have a presentation about the Eastern Ontario “Active Transportation” Summit (translation: they want to go to it and we will pay; see page 40). Interestingly, in the minutes of the “AT” Committee, this “Summit” is more accurately called the “Eastern Ontario Bike Summit.”

Pages 39 to 42 of the Council Agenda reveal:

“Moved by Theresa Peluso
Seconded by Robbie Brady
THAT the revised Active Transportation Plan Cost Chart be shared with Council for information. CARRIED”

“Moved by Danielle Shewfelt
Seconded by Robbie Brady
THAT the Committee supports proceeding with Martin St. N and Sadler Drive being the preferred bicycle lane projects for 2018 and proceed with the design and public open house process. CARRIED”

(NOTE: doesn’t the timing seem a bit odd with the sudden revisiting of “issues” with the Chip Wagon on Martin Street?)

“Moved by Theresa Peluso
Seconded by George Yaremchuk
THAT given the possibility of a trail between Industrial Drive and Paterson Street that there be consideration of an active transportation route connecting Sadler Drive to Industrial Drive, given that Paterson Street is currently too narrow. CARRIED”

See the Bike Plan chart with planned rural and urban lanes and associated costs here: AT Bike Plans

It is very generous of the Bike Committee to “share with Council for information.” Expect more “Open Houses” – with these predetermined outcomes – soon.

Members of the Bike Committee are: Jeff Mills, Chair, Theresa Peluso, Robbie Brady, Councillor John Edwards, Heather Smith, Councillor Jill McCubbin, George Yaremchuk and Danielle Shewfelt.

NOTE: Many PRATAC members cycle and PRATAC is not against it. Why are the taxpayers’ forced to sacrifice in terms of costs and access by visitors to their homes on residential streets? PRATAC supports investment in accessible sidewalks as a higher priority.

Budget Shortfalls in 3-Month Financial Report

The Treasurer identifies significant budget overruns: $14,550 over the budgeted cost for a new CAO search; $51,556 over budget for “additional planning assistance from JL Richards and OMB costs” (these need to be separated) and, under Capital, “Community Official Plan Review costs are at $22,932 with no budget. This project is not yet finished so additional costs will be incurred.” See pages 21 and 22 of the Agenda for more details.

Drinking Water System – 2017 Annual Water Report (pages 32-35)

Lanark County Road Construction Projects
Summer is construction season on our roads! Check out where you can expect it: see pages 119 and 120 of Agenda