Council Meeting Report – September 5, 2017

In this report:

  • Council and town administration increasingly omit information on grants and their recipients
  • “Talking to a neighbour” deemed the most effective municipal communication: Council trounced on communications, public meetings voted the worst
  • Pakenham Library and Gemmill Park delays and cost overruns in reports pass without discussion or question
  • Heritage budget quadruples as new Heritage Panel (composed of Councillor Edwards, CAO Smithson, an HCD property-owner plus the absent planner and another resident) pass out municipal funds to unidentified beneficiaries
  • Council allows one sole-source contract for $16K, refuses another for $84K
  • Staff report asks Town to pay 100% (about $90K a year) of their long-term disability premiums (like the town does for all their other benefits) because the increase in rates wipes out their recent raises in pay, and because they saved $24K by switching to another benefits company
  • 7B Bridge not discussed. Again.

Read the report here.