Council Meeting Report – August 14, 2018

At the August 14, 2018 Council meeting:

  • Although the EMC Carleton Place/Almonte reported on August 13 that the new CAO, who started on May 7 had left after 4 months, nothing was mentioned at Council and his name plate was still beside the Mayor’s.
  • George Eccles Day proclaimed…we think…”all dead anyway” says Mayor
  •  The Planners had a list of 83 zoning/planning items for correction: such as unclear and sometimes contradictory definitions, regulations etc affecting all wards (see pages 27-53 of the Agenda).
  • The Commemorative Bench, Tree and Bike Rack Policy was approved: donors pay for items and staff will install.
  • A new Community Official Plan Registry is to be added to the Pending List for reporting on a quarterly basis by the Planner.
  • The Mayor tells Council and Gallery where to go (see Page 6 of the Report – not what you might expect!).
  • New Council remuneration set: Mayor $34,140 per fiscal year, Deputy Mayor $22,778 per fiscal year, Councillor $18,935 per fiscal year

Read the PRATAC report on the meeting here: Report on Council Meeting of August 14 2018