Council Meeting Report – April 3, 2018

In this report:

  • Read what your Council had to say about the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail, before another private, closed meeting was arranged with Warden Fenik before the OVRT vote. Read about those who want even more assessments done.
  • Compensation, pensions and benefits were discussed for the new smaller Council in October. Currently Council does not get pensions, but some think they should. That reminds us: tick season is starting, folks!
  • Financing approved of $1,238,900 at a fixed rate of 3.31% for 10 years to finance the Nugent Bridge, the Almonte Arena Roof and the expansion of the Pakenham Library.

Read more in PRATAC’s Report on the April 3, 2018 Council meeting (thank you to our volunteers for sitting through and reviewing these meetings!)