COMBINED Council/COW Meeting Report – March 7, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The meeting started with a closed session on Union Negotiations (Municipal Act s. 239 2(d)). The public portion commenced at about 6:10 p.m. with the national anthem.

D. ATTENDANCE – Councillors Abbott and Edwards were absent.


Councillor McCubbin stated that she did not attend the Closed Session as she is an  employee of the Library Board.

Council Minutes dated February 21 and 28, 2017 Pages 6-18 were approved. The Strategic Plan and Mike Coxon report were on the 28th.

None permitted

Pascal Meunier, Fire Chief gave an overview of Emergency Response Plan, Emergency Management Roles and Responsibilities. He noted that the preparedness guide and the plan could be found on the Town’s website.  PRATAC has located the page with links to both:

Mr. Meunier recommended that we all be prepared to be self-sufficient for 72 hours.
In the event of an emergency, the Municipal Emergency Control Group (MECG) is responsible for the direction and control of the overall emergency response within the community.

The MECG is made up of the following members;
Mayor (or alternate)
CAO (or alternate)
Clerk (or alternate)
OPP representative
Fire Chief/ CEMC (or alternate)
EMS/Ambulance (or alternate)
Director of Roads & Public Works (or alternate)
Medical Officer of Health (or alternate)
Director of Social Services (or alternate)
ARES club member (or alternate)
Ottawa River Power Corporation Almonte Office Manager
Almonte Hospital Emergency Coordinator (or alternate)
Public Information Officer (or alternate)
Executive Director, Orchard View

The Mayor or Councillor Jane Torrance is responsible for notifying the Province of an Emergency. In the case of complete outages, information can be obtained at the Fire Halls.

Received for information.


Motion to receive:
CAO Report – March 2017 Pages 26-27
Contained within the report, but received without any comments from Council:
– Gary Gardiner hired full-time as Water Operator February 15
– Janet Morrison starts March 20 on a 10-month contract to manage the Youth Centre
Beam Construction won the Nugent Bridge Rehabilitation contract, coming in at $696,194.15 including HST, 48% of the allotted $1.3 Million budget.
– Wachs Canada was awarded a Public Works contract for a Valve Maintenance trailer at $81,500, plus HST. The report stated that this was under the budget of $85,000, but when HST is added, it comes to $92,095; $7,095 over budget. However, it was the only bidder.

Motion to receive:
MRPC (Mississippi River Power Corp) – December 15, 2016 Pages 28-33
Councillor Ferguson noticed that the budgets always seem to be “highballed.” Mayor said he noticed that, too and was looking into it. Also the Mayor said there will be no dividends this year because the operating expenditures were too high and ate up the additional extra revenue.

Recreation Cost Sharing – January 18, 2017 Pages 34-38
This committee has Councillors from Carleton Place, Mississippi Mills and Beckwith. No one discussed it at Council, but some new info from the report:
Carleton Place will be submitting a suggestion to Kurt Greaves (CAO) Lanark County to consider having both an asphalt and granular pathway as part of the C.P railway line in Carleton Place.
-The Almonte and Pakenham arenas will be looking for a new canteen operator come the 2017-2018 ice season. Kelly Freeman provided the Municipality with her notice that she will be terminating her contract at the end of the current ice season.
Beckwith’s budget for their new splash pad and play structure is between $350,000-$400,000. The splash pad will be opened on July 1st, 2017.

Beckwith Hudson Property, Future Trails: approximately 1.5 km of future trails are in the works. The trail area still requires clearing which will be completed by Cavanagh Construction. The trails will be built soon.

Beautification – January 19, 2017 Pages 39-41
No comments from Council; most news in this report, like its “next” meeting (Feb 16) is out-of-date except:
Rosemary Sarsfield has finished a book on Clayton and it is being edited.
Ron Ailing is attending a tree meeting in March (no date).
The District 2 Flower show is being held August 12 at Civitan.
Graffiti clean up – Tiffany to follow up with Steve/Len. Maybe exchange the ugly dumpsters on Mill Street?

Heritage – January 25, 2017 Pages 42-43
1.The Heritage Committee approved the Almonte Fair Board’s plan to replace the existing siding with CanExel siding on the front of the Agricultural Hall and that the windows will be replaced with either like-style vinyl windows or repaired subject to an assessment by a Heritage Carpenter.
Councillor Ferguson questioned why this siding was okay for the Agricultural Hall but not for the Cedar Hill School, which is costing $400 more from the Committee to be studied by Algonquin students.
2. Jason Gilmore was elected by the committee to be Chair.
3. David Thomson is a new committee member; Sarah More is the new Historical Researcher.

Gemmill Park – January 27 and February 16, 2017 Pages 44-54
Updates from Lashley, now dated information. Decided to keep the basketball court so need to realign the path.  Need to install third washroom; quote to be updated. Want to dispose of existing play structure at landfill. Work will need third-party inspection.

Councillor Watters asked if the donated work-in-kind for skate park etc is factored in; Mayor said Lashley not comfortable subbing work out to volunteers, third parties.

Community & Economic Development Committee – February 7, 2017 Pages 55-58
No comments from Council.
From report:
A delegation of Mississippi Broad Band Working Group Active Members: Mike O’Malley, Frank Sukhu, Paul Watters, Ross Bartlett, George Yaremchuk, Tracy Brown, Rob Certain. They have met with municipal staff, county staff, Bell Canada representatives, Storm and Rogers representatives, Google, Pratac representative, Upper Canada School Board, Federal MP Scott Reid, independent fibre contractors etc. They have launched a community internet survey with 864 respondents to date. With various grants/funding opportunities the deadline has been extended to April 20 for federal applications.

There is a $100M Gas for rural areas that will be provided by the Province with a deadline of June 2017. The group is now including mapping for gas as well, hoping to identify which rural community could be best served by natural gas.

Clean Water Show at Pakenham Arena August 19, 2017.

The Almonte Civitan Club will be holding their new executive elections in April. Volunteers are needed.

Other meetings and dates have passed.

Planning and Development
a. Amending Development Agreement Part Lot 3, Conc 10, Ramsay Pages 59-63
Recommendation: That Council authorize the Mayor and Clerk to enter into an amending Development Agreement related to Lanark County Land Division Committee File Nos. B14/004, B14/006 & B14/007 to allow parcels of land to be conveyed to the Municipality for trail and development security purposes (in Appleton).

Passed without discussion.

Roads and Public Works
b. Acculines and Signs Inc. Pavement Marking Program Pages 64-65
Recommendation: That Council extend the existing Acculines & Signs Inc. contract for the provision of pavement marking from May 1, 2017 to October 15, 2017 in the amount of $20,014.90 (including HST).

Councillor Torrance asked why the lines on roads wear off. Staff explained.


c. Denchem Ltd. Extension of Contract – Dust Suppression Pages 66-69
Recommendation: that Council extend the existing Denchem Ltd. contract for the provision of Dust Suppressant from May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2020 as per their bid price of $0.2310 per litre with a CPI adjustment calculated no earlier than May 15th of each year, in accordance with the provisions of the existing contract executed on March 23, 2016.

Extended for three years. No discussion. Carried.

d. Ontario Clean Water Agency – Extension of Contract Pages 70-72
Recommendation: tThat Council pass the necessary by-law authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to enter into a month to month extension of up to one year of the fixed price contract with the Ontario Clean Water Agency for the water treatment facilities and sewage pump stations from April 1, 2017 to no later than March 31, 2018;
And that Council pass the necessary by-law authorizing the Mayor and Clerk to enter
into a month to month extension of up to one year of the cost plus contract with the
Ontario Clean Water Agency for the wastewater treatment facility from April 1, 2017 to
no later than March 31, 2018; and that Council instruct the Director of Roads and Public Works to notify the Ontario Clean Water Agency of the Municipality’s intention to terminate their services at the end of this period should a new long-term contract not be executed by March 31, 2018.

Councillor Gillis was pleased that the service has gone from a cost plus pricing to a fixed price. Guy Bourgon, Director of Public Works noted it was still being negotiated.

e. Standing Offer Professional Engineering Services Pages 73-74
Recommendation: that Council authorize the Mayor and Clerk to enter into Standing Offer Agreements for Professional Engineering Services with the following consultants: J.L. Richards & Associates Ltd., Jp2g Consultants Inc., and Parsons Inc., and with HP Engineering Inc. (structural engineering only).

No discussion. Carried.

Finance and Administration
f. One Year Animal Pound Contract Pages 75-76
Recommendation: that Council authorize the Mayor and Clerk to enter into a one (1) year contract extension with Lanark Animal Pound to provide pound services for the period April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018; and that staff be authorized to enter into further contract extensions beyond 2018 under similar terms and conditions.

CAO Smithson noted that $34,000 has been put aside for three years now.


g. Letter of Intent with Honeywell – Energy Audit Pages 77-82
Recommendation: that Council authorize the CAO to enter into a Letter of Intent with Honeywell to conduct the engineering work to identify potential energy saving projects for the Municipality.

The report states that in 2016 the town spent $736,513.82 on heat and hydro and “budgeted $” for 2017 ??? (something missing). Costs going up.  Honeywell offers an energy audit of all facilities for $20,000, and the Town will still own the report even if Honeywell does not do the retrofit.  According to previous presentations, where this has been done, organizations have had good cost savings.
Councillor McCubbin asked CAO to follow up to see if the museums are included.


h. Corporate Records and Archives Stored at the Old Registry Office Pages 83-85
Recommendation: that Council maintain corporate records and archives at the Old Registry Office.

The building is not ideal for archival conditions and some Councillors have heard it may not be in good shape. The Clerk is to investigate further on the condition of the building.
Discussed that leaving records there for now is okay.

After some discussion, referred back to staff.

i. Internet / Telephone Voting Contract – 2018 Municipal Elections Pages 86-87
Recommendation: That Council authorize the Clerk to enter into an agreement with Intelivote Systems Inc. for the provision of internet/telephone voting services for the 2018 municipal elections. The cost of the service in 2014 was $31,095.
The Mayor complained that in the election of 2014, he did not get poll-by-poll results. Clerk Stone said that had nothing to do with Intelivote Systems, the clerk compiled that and she will look into it.

Approved. Clerk Stone to report on poll results for Mayor.

Mayor’s Report No report
County Councillors’ Report see Page 88
Mississippi Valley Conservation – Councillor Abbott see Page 89
Information List Pages 90-102
All three items were pulled for future discussion:
1. Municipal Fire Department Infrastructure petition – no more funds from provincial or federal governments; asking for infrastructure funding
2. Objections to Province’s New Mandatory Septic Tank Pumping that requires additional monitoring by municipalities
3. Tax Credit for Restoration of Historic Properties, Bill C-323 sponsored 20% tax credit

Meeting Calendar(s) Page 103

Motion to return to Council Session.
Recommendation: that the recommendations of the Committee of the Whole for the meeting of March 7, 2017 be adopted as resolutions of Council.

That By-laws 17-19 to 17-28 inclusive be taken as read, passed, signed and sealed in
Open Council.
17-19 65 Mill Street Heritage Designation Pages 104-105
17-20 Amend Development Agreement, Robinson, Part of Lot 3, Conc.10 Page 106
17-21 Part Lot Control Part of Block 41 Plan 27R-10867 Page 107
17-22 Part Lot Control Part of Block 42 Plan 27R-10868 Page 108
17-23 Internet/Telephone Voting – Municipal Elections Page 109
17-24 Contract Intelivote Systems Inc. Internet/Telephone Voting Services Page 110
17-25 Lanark Animal Pound – Pound Services Contract Page 111
17-26 OCWA Contract Extension Wastewater Treatment Plant Page 112
17-27 OCWA Contract Extension Water Treatment and Page 113
Sewage Pump Stations
17-28 Standing Offer for Professional Engineering Services Page 114

All approved.

1. White Lake Stewardship Invitation to Round Table Discussion Pages 115-116
(from February 21, 2017 Info List)

Councillor Wilkinson to attend with planner on March 23, noon to 4:30 at Upper Level Almonte Community Centre, 182 Bridge Street.


Mayor McLaughlin: Whereas at present the Municipality has numerous residential and industrial lots for sale that are not advertised through signs or internet listings; and
Whereas we need to monetize these assets as soon as possible; Therefore be it resolved that staff seek a broker of record (one with both a residential and commercial license) with the aim to select a qualified broker that offers the best fee discount to represent all our for-sale properties.

To be discussed at next meeting.

Note: Real estate broker Harold McKay was in attendance for just this part of the meeting.

Councillor McCubbin:
Now that County has concluded its call for feedback in regards to the Ottawa Valley
Rail Trail and hopes to draft an OVRT management plan by the end of March, Council
needs to consult with members of the public and local groups in order to establish the
Municipality’s recommendations and topics of concern to County. To that end,
Councillors are to submit topics to be included in the public discussion to the CAO and
set dates for one or two public meetings as soon as possible, format to be decided.


Councillor Ferguson referenced the “Unsigned Letter” left at Council and Council’s response published in the Millstone at 6:30 pm, Saturday March 4. He said he does not condone anonymous letters and he supports staff.

Councillor Torrance referred to a meeting on fentanyl and the opiate crisis being held at St John’s Church in Carleton Place at 6:30 March 9.

Council Appointee Pulker-Mok said there was a Trivia Night to raise money for the Pakenham Library at the Pakenham Arena March 31.

Councillor Ferguson asked what they were waiting for regarding the Strategic Plan. Clerk Stone said staff had to do some things first, but wasn’t more specific about the timeline of completion.

P. CONFIRMATORY BY-LAW – 17-29 (to close meeting)

Q. ADJOURNMENT (at about 7:30)