ALERT: Lanark County Council Respects Parks and People

At the Lanark County Economic Development Committee Meeting of August 23, 2017, the Committee decided not to recommend to Lanark County Council Mississippi Mills’ request to approve “Community Official Plan Amendment No. 19 File No. 0931-OP-17001, Change of Land Use on a portion of lands described as Part of Block 40 Plan 69547 Almonte Ward, from ‘Open Space and Parkland’ to ‘Residential’, adopted by the Council for the Municipality of Mississippi Mills on May 16, 2017, By-law No. 17-45.”

There was a compelling amount of evidence for keeping the park presented by 8 delegates and submitted in writing by residents, and many county councillors were complimentary about the factual arguments, well-delivered. The delegates were all treated respectfully, and most Councillors gave them their full attention. Even the consultant planner, when questioned, admitted that he found no evidence of public support for the change.

The vote was 11-4 in the park’s favour. Mississippi Mills councillors McLaughlin and Torrance, Carleton Place councillor Louis Antonakis, and Perth councillor Gemmell voted for the proposed change.

The recommendation was that the change request not be approved. Mayor McLaughlin said “I don’t want this to become an election issue!” and objected vigorously, vowing to appeal it to the Ontario Municipal Board.

The matter will go to Lanark County Council for a final vote on September 6, 2017. It is important that people attend this meeting and support the park.

PRATAC published a list of County Councillors’ contact information in its Summer Newsletter. Please take the time to contact these members and thank them for listening.